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Success Stories

Success Stories

This was an absolutely phenomenal program. I loved your organization and skill in breaking down these difficult concepts. The delivery of the material helped light the fire and get me pumped to DOMINATE boards!
I will for sure recommend you to every optometry student.

Taylor, Midwestern College of Optometry

Dear KMK Team: I want to thank you sincerely for all the effort that you have put into your NBEO preparation course. So as to not leave you in suspense, I want you to know that I passed! In fact (putting modesty aside for a brief moment, perhaps foolishly so), I pretty much crushed it. My raw score was 451/493 and my scaled score was 753.

I want to thank you for my passing score, as I studied your material almost exclusively. More importantly however, I want to thank you changing my attitude toward this exam. I had originally regarded this exam rather cynically, thinking of it as just some bogus exam with little to no long term implications that I simply needed to get through. The enthusiasm and fervor with which you approached the preparatory courses blew me away; you completely changed my mindset. During the live classroom lectures I began to truly appreciate the long term importance of the material covered on this exam. At that point I really ramped up my efforts, knowing that the true goal of this process was to make me a better clinician. I can say with absolute certainty that your course has made me a better clinician. And for that I thank you all.

Joseph, Pennsylvania College of Optometry

The live lectures are fantastic! KMK has very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and dedicated teachers. And they provide really very helpful and memorable ways of learning the mountain of information for boards. Thank you for your stories and jokes! It’s great to be able to stay awake through all the lectures.

Jenny, Nova Southeastern College of Optometry

I can’t thank you all enough for creating this course. Your passion is unmeasurable and unmatchable. Before your course I must admit that I was losing hope and couldn’t imagine myself measuring up to the doctor that I wanted to be, but you have not only given me the tools, direction, and guidance on how I can be so much better, but you also inspired me again. I type this tearfully with the most passionate thankfulness for sort of bringing me back to life and love for our field.

John, Pennsylvania College of Optometry

I honestly couldn’t have been happier with the course. All of the instructors were fantastic. They were all very engaging and added so much to the experience. I left the course feeling extremely motivated, and feel I have a good footing underneath me to start from. I love all the diagrams, and the fact that all the lists for things such as differentials are put together for us, instead of having to go through the material myself to pick out the details. There were definitely some connections made through the way the material was presented that I hadn’t grasped before. I can’t think of anything that could be changed or improved based on my experience.

Priscilla, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma College of Optometry

This course opened my eyes to how much I already know but also how much information I didn’t know the “why” mechanism behind the facts. KMK focuses their explanations as to why things happen so we don’t have to simply memorize facts. This really put it all together for me and solidified my foundation. I loved all the clinical cases you utilized which tied in your clinical experience to make the material much easier to learn.

David, Michigan College of Optometry

Excellent instructors! Motivating, great explanations, SHARP! I never enjoyed pharm or physiology as I did with these instructors! The diagrams, mnemonics, and very easily understandable presentation of even the most complex concepts were most helpful. “Story telling time” from instructors clinical experience was awesome – it helped me a remember of lot of diseases I previously confused!

Melissa, Nova Southeastern College of Optometry

That was probably the best instruction I’ve ever received in my optometric studies so far – thank you!!! Several of our classmates were commenting how they wish KMK taught all of our courses! The instructors know their stuff! It was refreshing to be taught in a manner conducive to learning. Ya’ll did a fantastic job

Michael, Indiana University College of Optometry

Thank you for all of your help and support. Without the books and weekend sessions that so concisely broke the information down, I’m not sure I would have passed on my first attempt. Being part of a new program (MCPHS) was stressful without the guidance of upperclassman. You are truly an invaluable resource. Keep up the good work!

Meghan, MCPHS University School of Optometry

Illustrations were great! Also explaining WHY things happen really contributes to understanding and memorizing the material. The little tips and tricks to remember certain things were really helpful. The examples from clinical experience were also helpful. Thanks for coming to help us with our boards studying!

Jordan, Western University of Health Sciences

The energetic nature of the instructors really made it easy to focus and pay attention. Great points that simplified difficult topics. Thank you for being so helpful.

Brianne, Arizona College of Optometry

The best part of the KMK course is that they quickly review the basics, to make sure you have a solid foundation, and then build on that foundation to stretch (that’s what they call it) concepts to insure you understand the higher level concepts that could show up on a standardized exam. The review of tons of material is much easier as a result!! Was absolutely awesome! Great review that brought many aspects BACK to memory with lots of great schematics – Loved all the pictures to illustrate Ocular Anatomy and Ocular Physiology! Great review of pharm too! Connected different aspects and really provided great memory cues. Thank you so much!

Erik, Illinois College of Optometry

I Loved the clinical stories! Even the non-clinical stories – great help for me to remember things. Love love loved it all! All the associations “pics” physical examples of students were extremely helpful. I just can’t express how much I appreciated your enthusiasm and energy. Loved it!

Michael, University of Alabama at Birmingham College of Optometry

Loved the imagery from stories, demonstrations, and drawings. INCREDIBLY HELPFUL! Thank you. You did a great job. Great teachers and very easy to learn.

Brian, Pacific College of Optometry

Simple but complete explanation of material. Also the layout of material and preparation was very helpful. Loved the drawings and that you write on the KMK books instead of on powerpoint.

Denise, New England College of Optometry

The KMK course brought scattered info from several classes together into a neatly organized framework that is easy to study.

Kate, Inter-American University of Puerto Rico College of Optometry