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Signature Success Stories

Signature Success Stories


Efficient day by day structure that maximizes a higher concentration of learning and repetition, while affording more opportunities for community learning.

I always thought I was solid on the basics, but was quick to realize that I wasn’t! All of the Doctors in the course ensured that we were solid by breaking down core concepts and repeating them. The repetition is everything. I have always known that, but never had the time to repeat all subjects because my study schedule was poorly organized!!!


The structure was excellent and I didn’t realize I had been lacking it before. It helps to stay focused and prevents us from falling behind where we should be.


The structure in the Signature Course automatically includes practice problems each week. Now, I tackle practice questions completely differently. I’ve never been a fantastic test taker. Whenever I took boards, throughout the exam I’d beat myself up for not knowing specifics and that I should’ve studied harder. Now I know that hard board questions can be simplified. I have a different mind set. I’m prepared to pick apart questions because I have the tools and I’m confident on the core concepts.


If I had to describe the Signature Review Course, I would probably start by saying that I think it is extremely beneficial to those who are visual learners and find themselves successful with a structured study system. I personally have always been a visual learner and have found success studying with repetition and a strict study schedule. Even though I put the time in, my studying was not as efficient because I was trying to recall things from old notes as well as trying to understand things from a textbook and videos without having a solid understanding of the fundamentals. This course allows you to do some preparation each day with built in repetition and webinars that involve lots of visuals that build on each other as the weeks go by. I had told Kyle earlier this month that the Signature Review Course is like the NZT of the Boards exam… It has allowed me to use different parts of my brain to better understand and strengthen my core knowledge and to be able to build off of a solid foundation. I would recommend this course to anyone who finds that they best succeed with structure, repetition, and visual learning.


For future students deciding on what class to take, I would definitely highly recommend the signature course over the regular KMK course. I say this because the signature course gives a definite structure which is required for students like me. I have learned so much more in the last couple of months as far as making connections that I did not quiet understand previously in school or by reading it myself. I know the KMK team also does the live courses at the school with the regular KMK course but with that the focus is on highlighting the key points and not making as many connections. I personally did not get as much out of that because I had not previously read the KMK book or watched the videos to get reinforcement during the live classes. In the Signature Course, I liked how the structure allowed us to watch the videos, read the chapter, do questions and then have a class with you to connect the points. This way I build and reviewed the things I knew and learned things that were confusing to me. Also I love how you review upon review over and over again!


I personally have taken part 1 twice and I can honestly say I never could get through all the material more than once before the exam. This Signature Series has forced me to push through topics and then repeat the topics to the point where I am actually able to make connections that I did not even realize before!! I am grasping details and information like never before! EVERYONE in life needs a schedule, let’s be real! KMK is no different!


I am most disappointed that I couldn’t manage my own schedule before but I am so grateful that KMK has this signature series!! If I could go back and had the option between the traditional KMK vs. the Signature Series KMK, I would, without a doubt pick the Signature Series!! Although the traditional KMK program provides the materials, I needed more hand-holding than that! Reading the material was good, but I needed more reinforcement!


I know we get some access to Kyle through the online videos, but the live webinars really drove it all home for me! I felt like Kyle, Melissa, and Ryan were like my cheerleaders and we were all working toward one goal….that P!! Tomorrow is boards and even though I’m slightly freaking out, this program has given me the foundation of knowledge and tools to be successful on Part 1…I know it!



Proven educational best practices designed to significantly boost retention in areas of critical concepts.

I just walked out of boards and I am amazed at how many times I could hear your voice in my head during the exam, Kyle! I wanted to briefly write and say thank you for the encouragement!


I can’t believe how much we covered in the first four weeks of this course! This schedule is incredible and has taken my knowledge base to a whole other level. I already know more in these first four weeks than my entire months of studying last round. Thank you!


I really enjoyed the course and cannot wait to give you the good news in September! My knowledge and performance on the exam was on a totally different level! I really appreciate all the help. Also thank you to the KMK team for responding to ALL my emails. I am staying positive and confident as I have worked very hard these past two months!


It was a great experience and I know that I will be a better doctor than ever before as I start practicing and taking care of my own patients in September or as soon as I get my license!


Kyle I want to personally thank you and the KMK team for this Signature Course as it was exactly what I have been wanting and needing for so long. My knowledge and understanding of the material has increased so much! Thank you for your dedication, time, and love for what you do with KMK and us, your students. You guys are the best!


After signing up for the course, I felt I was held accountable to my studies. Knowing that I was meeting you on the online community forced me to study harder. As we met, I appreciated the coaching, encouragement and testimonies. I am simply amazed with just a pen and a white board how much I have learned! I’ve learned so much. This style of teaching really fit my learning style. I was able to reproduce or just remember the diagrams.



Efficient day by day structure that maximizes a higher concentration of learning and repetition, while affording more opportunities for community learning.

For the first time after taking the test 8th time, I felt really confident while taking the test. I was able to reason out many of the questions. I could eliminate many of the answer choices unlike before. For the first time, I walked out feeling and thinking like “I dominated that test.” Thank for creating this course. I personally feel like I’ve learned so much and it has also boost my confidence so much. I am now excited to share my score with you on September 22!


I appreciated the sense of community. I knew I was 1 of 103 working hard as well. Even from our review sessions, I appreciated how personalized you made it. Hearing my name be called out and encouraged was so helpful.


Thank you for your words of encouragement Dr. Cheatham and thanks so much for sacrificing a portion of your summer to help us triumph over these exams. Today, I finished the exam, and walked out feeling so happy that I decided to sign up for the Signature course. The way the course was set up and taught gave me an organized way of studying but also helped me reason my way through the majority of questions today and yesterday on boards. I felt really good and extremely confident today taking the exam; this is a confidence I never had before and I can’t wait to get the ‘P’ in a few weeks. I am looking forward to sharing that victory moment with you and the rest of my friends and family. God bless you and your family. Thanks so much for everything.


Thank you to the dedication of the entire KMK team in creating this course. Kyle, you have a great amount of energy that kept me going throughout this course. I would definitely recommend your course for future students struggling with passing part 1. I previously had feelings of depression about Part 1, but I believe that this time I will crush the exam thanks to you and your team.


I just watched to say a big THANK YOU to Kyle and the rest of the KMK team. This course has made me such more confident, and will make me a better clinician. Unlike the March exam, I really felt like I had a community rooting for me to succeed, from the ODs teaching us to the other students going through the same struggle to make it past this test. Kyle really helped to being the concepts to life and all his drawings were so invaluable. Ryan and Rachel were great too. I so appreciate all the time put in to go through concepts in a more clear, concise way with us. I would tell anyone struggling with Part I that this is so worth it!


After taking this course, I truly feel like a more confident and better doctor!


This exam is hard. I have failed it multiple times. Over the years, I been so discouraged and nearly have given up. This course gave me hope. Each time I watched your videos or heard you speak it made me believe in myself and know that I can do this!


I have taken Part 1 probably more than anyone else in this course. My main problems were poor test taking skills and ZERO confidence. For me, the best part of the course was the positivity and encouragement. I tend to be a negative thinker and just when I’d started to feel negative, we’d have a live webinar and Dr. Cheatham would rebuild my confidence and assure me that I am on track, just where I need to be.This is the first time I will be entering part one with hope and confidence. My only regret is that this course wasn’t offered earlier because it would have saved me from all of my stress and heart break over the years.